High Hydrostatic Pressure

The application of high isostatic pressures enables food processors to produce high quality fresh food with an extended shelf-life, without the application of heat or the use of chemical preservatives.



Drying of foods is one of the most common process used for food preservation. Drying is based on the removal of water from a moist material so it decreases the water activity of the material. Therefore drying reduces microbiological activity and minimizes the risk of physical and chemical changes during its storage.

Food & Religion

Lifestyle and food habits have been encoded and regulated by belief and religion for centuries. This choices might have a biological base, but their strength resides in their power as rituals and symbols. Many religions include regulations about food habits, including the three major ones: Judaism, Christianism and Islam.


Production of Fruit Juice

Fruit juices are available on the market as ready to drink, concentrated, nectar, syrup, or powders. Although they are differently prepared, all of them are subjected to thermal treatment.

Dairy Products

The category of Dairy Products includes hundreds of different food products deriving from milking mammals usually cows, sheeps and goats. Milk is considered the most-uncomplete natural and traditional food from nutritional viewpoint. The amazing chemico-physical complexity of milk permits to obtain foods rich in proteins or in fats, lactose (sugars) and minerals, in particular calcium, as a function of processing approach.

Cold Atmospheric Plasma

Cold plasma is a non-thermal technology which can be used for the inactivation of microorganisms.




Honey is the product obtained exclusively from the nectar of flowers or fresh juices collected by the bees from certain species of plants, substances which the bees collect, enrich them with its own substance and store it in the cells of freshly built broodless.


Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF)

PEF is a non-thermal technology, which affects the cell membrane of biological tissue and can be used to improve pressing, extraction processes or inactivation of microorganisms.