Dairy Products

The category of Dairy Products includes hundreds of different food products deriving from milking mammals usually cows, sheeps and goats. Milk is considered the most-uncomplete natural and traditional food from nutritional viewpoint. The amazing chemico-physical complexity of milk permits to obtain foods rich in proteins or in fats, lactose (sugars) and minerals, in particular calcium, as a function of processing approach.


Depending on whom you ask, confectionaries may encompass about everything that is sweet and very attractive to many people and particularly to children, even though they may at the same time be sour or salty.


Superficially, beverages may seem to be a dull topic. Liquids from a bottle that you drink and can get everywhere. At second thought, however, you might realise that there is a vast choice of different beverages, which you might choose for a variety of reasons, such a being thirsty or needing energy.