Successful Stories in Food Science in Italy

1) Matteo Pistocchi

English summary of the interview with Matteo Pistocchi

My name i Matteo Pistocchi and I am employed in the Amadori as process engineer. I am graduated in Food Science and Technology at the University of Bologna. In my studies I preferred the technological aspects and thus I was able to enter in the company firstly in the quality assurance sector thus I chanced to the technological sector. My job tasks are the analysis of the production lines to optimize the processing conditions and to test new equipments in order to evaluate their suitability for the company purposes.


2) Fabio Roverelli

English summary of the interview with Fabio Roverelli

My name is Fabio Roverelli, I'm 26 and my job is in the quality assurance sector of the Amadori company in Cesena. I was graduated at the food science and technology bachelor course in Cesena, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bologna, then the Master of Science in Food Science and Technology. I was firstly employed in the company as intern during the compulsory trial period and after nine months I was confirmed in my position and employed permanently in the company in the lines of raw meat elaborated products and frankfurter. Practically the quality assurance acts to assure that the quality and the sanitary properties of the products addressed to the consumers are following the quality standards. Another issue covered by the quality assurance team is the design and writing of the self-control plans with the hazard analysis and definition of the critical control points (CCPs) and definition of analytical self-control plans in collaboration with the internal laboratory. Furthermore, our task is to validate the products' label by a legal viewpoint.