Successful Stories in Food Science in Russia

1) Mark Shamtsyan

This video was recorded in November 2010 at the 2010 EFFoST Annual Meeting in Dublin, Ireland.


English summary of the interview with Prof. Mark Shamtsyan

Professor Mark Shamtsyan is the head of the Department of Technology of Microbiological Syntheses (Food Biotechnology) at the St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University). During the last years, his work group focused their research on biological substances, which can be used as ingredients in daily food to improve health benefits.

Prof. Shamtsyan likes most about his job, that food is an essential need, so everything he does in his job is needed by everyone for their life. He also explains that there is a big issue today to produce safe and high quality food which can contribute to a long and healthy life.

He absolutely advices young people, who are interested in science, process technologies and food to study Food Science and therefore contribute to something very essential in our daily life.


Click here to download a short currciculum vitae of Mark Shamtsyan as pdf file